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There are 16 different chocolate tiles in each box for both red and white/rosé wines.

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This is our complete collection of chocolate tiles that are artfully designed to provide a bouquet of sensory experiences together with your favorite bottles of red and white or rose wines. Having worked with many wineries and tasted so many different wines, we have carefully crafted specific combinations of ingredients, flavor notes, scents, and sights to trigger an exciting tasting journey for your palate. There are 16 different flavors in each box – eight flavors to pair with reds and eight for whites and rosés.


Chocolate Flavors for Red Wine

Rosemary Pink Peppercorn
Fig Pistachio Fennel Seeds
Cardamom Black Pepper
Star Anise Tart Cherry
Cassis Violet Sweet & Savory
Strawberry Turkish Chili Pepper
Espresso Pistachio
Clove Pine Nut


Chocolate Flavors for White Wine

Ginger Citrus Peel Bread Crumbs
Apricot Lavender
Mango Chili Pepper Cashew
Strawberry Pistachio
Sweet Corn Salted Marcona Almond
Almond Vanilla Dust
Coconut Coriander
Pear Bergamot Biscuit


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