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Mini Toffee of the Month


Each square toffee tile is handmade and so there maybe be slight differences from one tile to the next. Each tile weighs about 1/4lb. and measures 2.5 in x 2.5 in.



These irresistible toffees were created to satisfy our creative urges. The flavor combinations we come up with sprout from everywhere, sometimes from wild culinary dreams and other times a simple request from an old customer. We decided to make tiny batches of these unique flavors and share them with you. Keep in mind that our toffees are not for the faint of heart. We like to make them thick and chunky with generous amounts of dreamy toffee and then blanketed with dark chocolate. The best way to enjoy our toffees is to break off chunks with a heavy knife. Then indulge!


Corn Coconut Biscuits

For this month, we draw inspiration from an exotic yet beloved combination of flavors- corn and coconut. You’ll find these ingredients used in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, an even India. We used crunchy toasted corn and coconut biscuits to create this delicious treat. Enjoy!

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Weight 15 lbs