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The Tortoise Collection


6 tortoises in a box. 3 different flavors.

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SOLD OUT! Our “Tortoise” is inspired by the beloved “Turtle”, an all-time favorite made of caramel, pecans and chocolate. Our Tortoises , like their cousins, have caramel and chocolate, but, in addition, they also have other fruits, nuts, and even pastry inside. Every bite is a decadent and heavenly experience taking you on a splendid culinary adventure.


Each box contains 6 tortoises and there are 3 different flavors, so two of each flavor. The flavors are:

The Original: pecan, raisin, candied ginger, caramel in dark chocolate

Plum Shortbread: Italian plum, pink peppercorn shortbread, caramel in dark chocolate

Tiger Stripes: Candied Citron Peel, hazelnuts, coffee caramel in dark chocolate


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Weight 15 lbs