Hours: Thursday – Sunday 11am-5pm      Other days by appointment
Location:                   622 South Main St. (Purple house)
Milton Freewater, OR 97862
541 .938. 7118
Contact: petitsnoirs@gmail.com



Our Story

We are a boutique chocolatier located in the lush region of the Walla Walla Valley, where vineyards and fruit orchards scale the fertile terrior. Our specialty is crafting chocolate creations that are not only inspired by the fresh produce grown in the valley, but also derived from the various complex notes found in the beautiful wines produced in the area. With flavors such as anise, lavender, rosemary, clove, and violet, you’ll find that it’s obvious that our chocolates are a natural accompaniment to wines.

The concept of Petits Noirs is founded by Lan Wong and James Boulanger, who are both lovers of good food and wine. While living in New York City, Lan had cast her career in advertising aside to pursue her dreams to work with chocolates. After having apprenticed with one of New York’s finest chocolatiers, Lan launched her own chocolate tasting company, Les Amusettes, educating the public how to appreciate high quality chocolate, as well as, pair with wines. James has been an artisan baker for 16 years and has worked with some of New York’s superb artisan bakeries, such as Sullivan St. Bakery and Amy’s Bread. Both James and Lan moved to Walla Walla Valley after falling in love with its beauty and tranquility. Inspired by their enduring love of fine food and keen sense of taste they collaborate their combined experience and skills to make unique chocolates and other fine treats.