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Kookie Kringle Toffee Twigs


Each twig is handmade and so there maybe be slight differences from one twig to the next. The twigs come in bundles weighing about 7 oz. (or about 1/2lb).

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SOLD OUT! Our Toffee Twigs now come in Kookie Kringle flavor just for the holidays! It’s toffee with cinnamon cookies and peppermint. Perfect for a little gift or a pick-me-up. Like our other toffee twigs, they still are thick and chunky with generous amounts of rich dreamy toffee, and then blanketed with dark chocolate. We never use corn syrup in our recipe, so the toffee will not stick to your teeth. However, the twig format makes it easy to nibble on and share.

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Weight 17 lbs