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Each tile is about 4 x 4 inches weighing about 3oz.

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Nougat is a traditional European confection made of whipped egg whites, honey, sugar, and a combination of dried fruits and nuts. Its texture is light airy, studded with pieces of chewy fruit and crunchy nuts, making this delicacy a tantalizing experience for the palate. While we have the utmost respect for tradition, we like to create our own modern interpretation of this confection by experimenting with surprising ingredients and hope to bring you a new taste experience with every nibble.

They also are an excellent pairing for bubbles, white wines and rose.


This season the flavors we have are:

The Classic

A blend of fruit and nuts: toasted almonds, pistachios, dried pears and apricots.


Mulberry Blackberry Almond Spiced Biscuits

You can’t help but be allured by the attractive mauve colored nougat made from mulberry puree. Then pieces of blackberries, almonds, and biscuits form speckles throughout the nougat.

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Weight 10 lbs
Nougat Flavors

"The Classic" Apricot Pear Almond Pistachio, Mulberry Blackberry Almond Spiced Biscuits